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1- Respect other members and mods, this is way up here because any report on harassment or other disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
2- Art theft and tracing will also NOT be tolerated. No warnings for this one either, you steal art you are out.
3-Mature content is not accepted in this group. This includes gore and explicit sexual themes. That said, injuries, romantic situations and the like are fine.
4-Due to the nature of this group, we do not accept nude morphs, trainers, or gijinkas. Partial nudity will be evaluated and may or may not be accepted depending on the image's context.
5- PLEASE send your images to the right folder in the group. Remember that only the dragon in the image is taken into account when selecting a folder.
For example, if your image has a Pikachu and a Druddigon, the image should be sent to the Fifth Gen folder, NOT Mixed Gens.
6-Here is a list of accepted pokemon that are not dragon types:
:bulletred: Carmander-Charmeleon-Charizard-Mega Charizard Y
:bulletred: Onix-Steelix
:bulletred: Cubone-Marowak
:bulletred: Horse-Seadra
:bulletred: Gyarados-Mega Gyarados
:bulletred: Lapras
:bulletred: Aerodactyl-Mega Aerodactyl
:bulletred: Totodile-Croconaw-Feraligatr
:bulletred: Tyranitar-Mega Tyranitar
:bulletred: Lugia
:bulletred: Treecko-Grovyle-Sceptile
:bulletred: Breloom
:bulletred: Milotic
:bulletred: Aggron-Mega Aggron
:bulletred: Kecleon
:bulletred: Tropius
:bulletred: Huntail-Gorebyss
:bulletred: Groudon-Primal Groudon
:bulletred: Snivy-Servine-Serperior
:bulletred: Krokorok-Krookodile
:bulletred: Scraggy-Scrafty
:bulletred: Archeops
:bulletred: Eelektrik-Eelektross
:bulletred: Helioptile-Heliolisk
:bulletred: Skrelp
:bulletred: Bergmite-Avalugg
:bulletred: Yveltal
:bulletred: Salandit
:bulletred: Salazzle
7- If your deviation is not accepted for a reason other than being sent to the wrong folder, please don't resend it, it will get rejected again and you will recieve a warning. Sending it a third time will result in being kicked from the group.

Gallery Folders

Montaurigon by Charizardtamer12
Pokemon-Dragons HALL of FAME
Montaurigon by Charizardtamer12
Fakemon- Plandrake by SilentDragon64
First Gen
RED by eclipse4d
Fallout Pokemon Charizard ranger armor by DragonKing24
Charizard x Salamence by DragonKing24
Baby Venusaur Charizard Blastoise GSC Sprites by Axel-Comics
Second Gen
Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver by WizzardFye
Baby Meganium Typhlosion Feraligatr GSC Sprites by Axel-Comics
Totodile Croconaw Feraligatr RGB Sprites by Axel-Comics
Kingdra Baby GSC Sprites by Axel-Comics
Third Gen
Lavis - Pokemon RSE by WizzardFye
My Flygon(painted) by wickermann
Commission: Quest for a Myth by ShadeofShinon
#384: Mega Rayquaza by Siseja-sama
Fourth Gen
void relaxation by Elsdrake
Playful garchomp by Elsdrake
Type Collab: Mega Garchomp by ShadeofShinon
Comission - Shark dragon (W/O background) by KunYKA
Fifth Gen
Poke Couple by Ruby-Orca-616
Pokemon White by eclipse4d
Pokemon Black by eclipse4d
Hydreigon by Siseja-sama
Sixth Gen
My Goodra (painted) by wickermann
Noivern No 715 by Wolf-Of-Faron-Woods
Derp Mega Charizard by GenoMorph
Rayquaza Appears by eclipse4d
Seventh Gen
#784: Kommo-o by Siseja-sama
Pokemon Sun and Moon (Nintendo 3DS) Keychain by Drevart
Tortunator by StephanieGrafe
Pokemon- Drampa by SilentDragon64
Multiple Gens
My Mega Pokemon Box by InkArtWriter
Charizard x Salazzle by DragonKing24
Charizard x Salazzle 2 by DragonKing24
Pokmon OC
The Mercenary Charizard by DraggyStar
Fakemon Dragons
Lava Swimming Monsters V.2.0 by TRXPICS
Icon Contest Entries
Pokemon-Dragons contest by Malla123
New Type Contest
kung fu poke dragonsaurs by Evometheus6082

Group Info

Do you like drawing dragons from pokemon!!! Then this place is for you! Come and join us ^_^
Founded 8 Years ago
Jan 25, 2010


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Fan Club

577 Members
501 Watchers
42,627 Pageviews
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