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1- Respect other members and mods, this is way up here because any report on harassment or other disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
2- Art theft and tracing will also NOT be tolerated. No warnings for this one either, you steal art you are out.
3-Mature content is not accepted in this group. This includes gore and explicit sexual themes. That said, injuries, romantic situations and the like are fine.
4-Due to the nature of this group, we do not accept nude morphs, trainers, or gijinkas. Partial nudity will be evaluated and may or may not be accepted depending on the image's context.
5- PLEASE send your images to the right folder in the group. Remember that only the dragon in the image is taken into account when selecting a folder.
For example, if your image has a Pikachu and a Druddigon, the image should be sent to the Fifth Gen folder, NOT Mixed Gens.
6-Here is a list of accepted pokemon that are not dragon types:
:bulletred: Carmander-Charmeleon-Charizard-Mega Charizard Y
:bulletred: Onix-Steelix
:bulletred: Cubone-Marowak
:bulletred: Horse-Seadra
:bulletred: Gyarados-Mega Gyarados
:bulletred: Lapras
:bulletred: Aerodactyl-Mega Aerodactyl
:bulletred: Totodile-Croconaw-Feraligatr
:bulletred: Tyranitar-Mega Tyranitar
:bulletred: Lugia
:bulletred: Treecko-Grovyle-Sceptile
:bulletred: Breloom
:bulletred: Milotic
:bulletred: Aggron-Mega Aggron
:bulletred: Kecleon
:bulletred: Tropius
:bulletred: Huntail-Gorebyss
:bulletred: Groudon
:bulletred: Snivy-Servine-Serperior
:bulletred: Krokorok-Krookodile
:bulletred: Scraggy-Scrafty
:bulletred: Archeops
:bulletred: Eelektrik-Eelektross
:bulletred: Helioptile-Heliolisk
:bulletred: Skrelp
:bulletred: Bergmite-Avalugg
:bulletred: Yveltal
7- If your deviation is not accepted for a reason other than being sent to the wrong folder, please don't resend it, it will get rejected again and you will recieve a warning. Sending it a third time will result in being kicked from the group.

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Do you like drawing dragons from pokemon!!! Then this place is for you! Come and join us ^_^
Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 25, 2010


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Fan Club

526 Members
473 Watchers
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Hello everyone! I hope you've all been well!

I was pretty sure I'd already made a journal about this but it's not on the archives... so it must've slipped my mind... anyway it's time to clear things up a bit regarding Mega Evolutions of accepted pokemon:

All Mega Evolution submissions go to the Sixth Gen folder unless they're a fakemon or fakevolution.

This is so we may have a more organized gallery for visitors and the like. So new designs go on newer gens and people looking specifically for that nostalgic pill can find all they need in the previous gens folders.

Have an awesome day!
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KittyFaceCat Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Um....excuse me.....but I sent a picture but I don't think it was sent to a folder. Please tell me if you want me to resend a folder.
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Is this group still active? 
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Is this group about dragon types or just the pokemon that looks like dragons?
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